June 14, 2019

About US

2001 B.S. I was working in the field of acting. During this time, I did different roles in Tele serials like Tito-Satya and Meri Bassai. I overcome as actor while playing the role of IKU in the Meri Bassai. I did many programs in Nepal and many other countries and I became a successful making films like IKU The Jungle Man and it’s another part IKU Back Again / IKU 2. And now I have been involved in this social work on 25th April 2015. Nepal hit by Devastating earthquake in which many people killed and became homeless. Many countries provided help by sending first aid relief funds to people in earthquake affected areas. During the earthquake I got to go to some places where any kind of help wasn’t reached yet and I had gone there in a program to perform on the stage that time I was successful making a lot of people happy with my performance mostly the broken heart that were crying because I was a comedian actor. There was the children who lost their family member and parents in the earthquake. After the program, they ask me to told their hard and say “Our parents stuck inside the house and killed, we are alone we don’t have home to stay, food to eat, please uncle take us with you but could not say anything at that time cause I was speechless, I didn’t have any words to say. On the way to my home I was the only thinking and cried heart so badly.

After returning back to my home Kathmandu and talk about this matter to Social worker Samjhana Madam and she agreed to support them, then we started children’s home named “Sneha Ashram” which means “lovely homes”. And we both went back to the same place and bought them to Kathmandu and they are so happy being with us. We are sharing love, joy and sorrow with them. When they smile and called me dad it makes me very happy.

We have 14 children now at home and 2 are in village because we have only one flat which is in rent, 13 of them are going to school and one child just turned to age 3 so he will go soon. And it is difficult to cover the expenses because we don’t have any support yet so we are heart full of thanks for your concern.

Thank you for your kindness and love for these precious ones.